M. Suresh, DVM, PhD

Position title: Pathobiological Sciences and Food Research Institute

Email: sureshm@svm.vetmed.wisc.edu

Host Response

CD8 T cells play a critical role in defense against viral, intracellular bacterial, and protozoon infections. We are interested in studying the regulation of CD8 T-cell homeostasis during acute and chronic viral infections using the well-characterized mouse model of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) infection. In an acute LCMV infection, the principal focus of our research is to understand the cellular and molecular basis of the generation of memory T cells. Specifically, we are interested in: 1) studying the role of direct effects of interferon gamma receptor signaling in regulating the survival and differentiation of memory T cells; 2) determining the role of cell cycle regulator p27Kip1 in differentiation of memory cells from effector CD8 T cells; 3) elucidating the importance of FOXO family of transcription factors in regulating memory CD8 T cell homeostasis. In a chronic LCMV infection, we are examining the role of p27Kip1 and E3 ubiquitin ligases in regulating functional responsiveness of virus-specific CD8 T cells.