Seminars and Events

As part of their training grant committment, each trainee gives two presentations during their grant cycle: a journal club and a presentation of their research. These seminars take place on Tuesdays at 4 p.m.  The full schedule for the academic year is below.

Please email Allison Bauer at for the Zoom link information.

Every year, trainees select a theme for the coming year. This year the theme is:

Novel Experimental Techniques in Microbes and Health and Disease


Fall 2022


Meeting Type

September 20 Mitchell Ramuta

“Using air surveillance as an alternative environmental testing strategy to improve the detection and monitoring of (re)emerging viruses”

October 4 Justin Massey

“Long-term antibiotic exposure promotes mortality after systemic fungal infection by driving lymphocyte dysfunction and systemic escape of commensal bacteria”

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Journal Club
October 18 Owen Sullivan

“Chemical RNA digestion enables robust RNA-binding site mapping at single amino acid resolution”

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Journal Club
November 1 John Kernien

“Toxin secretion and trafficking by Mycobacterium tuberculosis”

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Journal Club
November 15 Matt Freeman

“Met-Flow, a strategy for single-cell metabolic analysis highlights dynamic changes in immune subpopulations”

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Journal Club
December 6 Ryan Moriarty

“Transient viral replication during analytical treatment interruptions in SIV infected macaques can alter the rebound-competent viral reservoir”

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Journal Club
December 20 Erin Garcia Journal Club

Spring 2023

January 24 Jessica Magri Journal Club
February 7 Justin Massey Seminar
February 21 Mitchel Ramuta Journal Club
March 7 John Kernien Seminar
March 21 Owen Sullivan Seminar
April 4 Ryan Moriarty Seminar
April 18 Matt Freeman Seminar
May 2 Erin Garcia Seminar
May 16 Jessica Magri Seminar