Charles Czuprynski, PhD

Position title: Pathobiological Sciences and Food Research Institute


Bacteria, Host Response

The focus of our laboratory is on the pathogenesis and host response to foodborne bacterial pathogens. We have a particular interest in how growth conditions affect the virulence of Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella enterica, and how dietary and environmental constituents might after the immune response to these bacterial pathogens. Our lab’s interests include both pre-harvest and post-harvest food safety issues. Examples of the former include our research on bovine respiratory disease, a major economic problem for beef and dairy cattle, and a reason for much of the antibiotic use in cattle. We also place an emphasis on providing veterinarians, and veterinary students, with research training related to food safety. We also are involved in a multi-investigator project investigating the development of nanaopolymer films to reduce infection and improve healing of chronic wounds.